Landscape Design

The design process starts with a Client Questionnaire to understand more about you and your outside space needs. Next is a on-site visit and evaluation to prepare the base plan, next comes two alternative preliminary plans, and then a further refinement of one of the preliminary plans or a combination of the two to establish the final master plan and planting list. At this point you can take the plan and install it yourself, have someone else install it, or let us do the work.

But maybe you don’t need all this! And you will be fine with a few sketches, it’s up to you and we aim to please!


Installation of plantings and hardscapes per our design or another professionals.

Procurement of plant material, soil amendments and other hardscape materials.

Instructions for care of plants are given or you can schedule an ongoing maintenance program.


Love to garden and have some great ideas but just aren’t sure if they will work or how to go about getting them accomplished? Or have just areas of the garden that you love and others you don’t, wondering what can you do to make it more cohesive?

Have a new garden and not sure what any of the plants are and what their cultural requirements may be?

There are strange looking things happening to some of your shrubs, what could be causing it?

We are here to help!